Insulation materials – Laser cutting of fibreglass cloth and mat

As a pioneer in the CO2 laser application solutions, Golden Laser continues to lead the way in providing superior industrial laser cutting systems for industrial fabrics. We use the latest technology and high-quality components that adhere to our rigorous quality standards.

Laser cutting is replacing the traditional knife cutting gradually. Unlike most of the common textile fabrics, insulation materials require optimal functionality and durability. In order to meet exceptional thermal efficiency, high strength, low weight and low shrinkage at excessive temperatures, the composition of thermal insulation material is very complex, or more specifically to describe - difficult to cut. Our research and technology team developed special laser cutting machine with adequate power for such features.

Key importance of laser cutting for insulation materials:

Laser cutting is a highly efficient, precise, and cost-effective way to cut insulation materials and technical textiles

Smooth cutting edges - laser beam seals the edges - no fraying

No fabric distortion due to contactless laser processing

Precise laser cutting of very intricate details

No tool wear - consistent high cutting quality

Saving time and cost - without tool preparation or tool change

Environmental protection - no dust during cutting

Typical Applications of Insulation Materials:

Reciprocating engines

Gas and steam turbines

Exhaust systems

Engine compartments

Pipe insulation

Industrial insulation

Marine insulation

Automotive insulation

Aerospace insulation

Acoustic insulation

Typical Applications of Insulation Materials:


Mineral Wool


Natural Fibers




Vermiculite and Perlite

Urea-formaldehyde Foam

Cementitious Foam

Phenolic foam

Insulation Facings

Samples of laser cutting insulation materials:

insulation material
insulation material
insulation material
insulation material
insulation material

Production Recommendation

We developed specific CO2 laser cutting machine for the cutting of insulation materials

Gear & rack driven

High speed, high precision

Unique variety of table sizes - suitable for all standard formats

High-power CO2 RF metal lasers from 300 watts, 600 watts to 800 watts

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