Air dispersion – Laser cutting of fabric air duct, DuctSox fabric ducting

For air dispersion application, there are mainly two typical materials, metal and fabrics, traditional metal duct systems discharge air through side-mounted metal diffusers. The air is directed to specific zones resulting in less efficient mixing of air in the occupied space and often causing drafting and hot or cold spots; while the fabric air dispersion has uniform holes along the entire length dispersion system, providing consistent and uniform air dispersion in the occupied space, Uniform air dispersion means better air mixing which brings better performance for those areas need ventilation.

About textile ventilation ducts

Light weight, noise absorption, hygienic material, easy to maintain, all these features have accelerated the promotion of the fabric air dispersion system in the past decade. As a result, the demand of fabric air dispersion has been increased, which challenged the production efficiency of fabric air dispersion factory. Precise and high-efficiency of laser cutting can simplify the procedures of processing fabric.

Why Laser?

The air dispersion fabric is definitely better solution for ventilation while it is a big challenge to make the constant holes along the 30 yards long or even longer fabrics and you have to cut the pieces out besides for making the holes. Only laser can realize this process.

CO2 laser system is setting new standards especially where the exact cutting and fast perforating of these technical textiles is concerned.

fabric air dispersion

Benefits of laser processing

The advantages of laser cutting of textile ventilation ducts (fabric air dispersion, fabric air duct, ductsox fabric ducting)

Fast perforation and cutting with maximum accuracy

Clean and perfect cut edges - no post-processing necessary

Automatic sealing of the cut edges prevents fraying

Contactless laser cutting of large formats

No tool wear - consistently high cutting quality

High flexibility in cutting any sizes and shapes - without tool preparation or tool changes

Key Advantages of our Laser Machine

What added value have goldenlaser CO₂ laser machine in fabric air dispersion processing?

High-speed galvanometer perforation and X-Y gantry cutting on one machine

Processing of very big formats by burr-free continuation of laser processing

Conveyor system for fully-automatic laser cutting directly from the roll

Unique choice of different working areas - table sizes can be customized as per requested

Inkjet Printer Module and Ink Marker Module are options. Marking on the cut pieces for the tracking of subsequent process steps in production.

Product Recommendation

Goldenlaser developed special CO2 laser machine for the finishing of fabric ducting

Goldenlaser offers a complete choice of CO2 laser machines as per the required application.

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