Flatbed CO2 Laser Cutting Machine

CO2 Laser Cutting Machine for Industrial Fabrics & Technical Textiles

In the aspect of industrial flexible materials, adhering to the current industrial environmental protection production concept and integrating the world's advanced technology, GOLDEN LASER has launched a variety of intelligent laser cutting machines for filter materials, airbags, protective materials, fabric air ducts, outdoor products, automotive and aviation industries, which have been successfully used in cutting, engraving, perforating, marking, scribing of industrial fabrics. Our CO2 laser cutting machines bring high productivity and low operating cost, shorten the technological process, reduces labor cost and material loss rate.

Laser Cutting Machine for Textiles

CO2 laser cutter for large-format industrial fabrics.

For polyester, nonwoven, glass fiber, mesh, nylon, etc.

Laser type: CO₂ laser
Work area (Width): 1600mm ~ 3200mm (63” ~ 126”)
Work area (Length): 1300mm ~ 13000mm (51” ~ 511.8”)
Laser power: 150 watts, 300 watts, 600 watts, 800 watts
Working table: Vacuum conveyor system
Mechanical System: Gear & rack driven

Laser Cutting Machine for Industrial Fabrics Industry

Filter Cloth Laser Cutting Machine

- Fully enclosed structure

- Professional designed for filtration fabric industry

Automotive Airbags Laser Cutting Machine

- CO2 Laser cutting machine combining quality, precision and productivity.

- Multi-layer cutting, cutting 10-20 layers at a time.

Insulation Materials Laser Cutting Machine

High speed high precision cutting designs and shapes for various types of thermal insulation materials and prefabricated fabrics.

Fabric Air Duct Laser Cutting Machine

Combination of large format X,Y axis laser cutting (trimming) and high speed Galvanometer laser perforating (laser cut holes).

Laser Cutting Machine for Clothing, Home Textile and Interiors Industry

Garment Laser Cutting Machine

Laser cutting for made-to-measure clothing, custom made apparel, suits …

Textile Upholstery Laser Cutting Machine

Laser cutting for sofa fabrics, curtains, chairs textiles, carpets, etc.

Carpet & Mat Laser Cutting Machine

Laser cutting for car mats, carpets, aircraft carpets, etc.

Laser Cutting Machine for Outdoors Industry

Ultra-long Table Size Laser Cutting Machine

Laser cutting for parachute, paraglider, sail, tent, canopy, awning, marquee, etc.

Laser Cutting Machine for Banners, Flags, Soft Signage

3.2m width laser cutting for big outdoor graphics, etc.

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