Leather Laser Machine

Our laser systems are suitable for processing many types of leather materials. In particular we specialize in the realization of laser solutions to be applied to cutting, engraving, marking, perforating and auxiliary seams drawing of leather. The performances of our laser systems can be configured based on the production needs.

Laser Cutting Machine for Leather

Independent Dual Head Laser Cutting Machine

Two laser heads that work independently can cut different graphics simultaneously. A variety of processing (cutting, punching, marking) can be finished at one time.

Intelligent Nesting & Laser Cutting System

For natural leather cutting. With asynchronous double head, pattern digitizing, automatic recognition system and nesting software.

Mars Series Laser Cutting Machine

Single head or double head
Conveyor or honeycomb working table
CCD camera optional

Galvo Laser for Leather Engraving, Marking and Perforating

CO2 Galvo Laser Engraving Machine

Processing leather in sheet
3D dynamic focus system
Shuttle working table

Gantry & Galvo Laser Cutting and Engraving Machine

Processing leather in roll
Conveyor system

Footwear Pattern Seams Marking Machine

Laser Inkjet Machine for Leather Footwear Seams Drawing

Applicable for ink-jet marking of various shoe upper materials.