MARS Series Laser Cutter

Golden Laser’s MARS Series specializes in small format economical CO2 laser machines with working table width less than 1800mm (70.8”).

The product line covers laser cutting, laser engraving (marking), and laser punching. Application fields involve textiles, garments, leather, shoes, bags, automobile interiors, toys, advertising, decoration, printing and packaging and so on.

Conveyor Working Table Series

Single Head / Double Head Laser Cutting Machine

-Automatic and continuous processing

-Multiple types of conveyor belts are available

Honeycomb Working Table Series

One Head / Two Heads Laser Cutter

This CO2 laser machine is suitable for cutting various flexible materials within 1800mm in width.

Automatic Lifting Working Table Series

Laser Cutting Engraving Machine for Nonmetal

The electric lifting worktable can intelligently adjust the height of the worktable for materials of different thicknesses.