Intelligent “i” Series

3D 5-axis Laser Tube Cutting Machine

i25A-3D / i35A-3D

Total 160° flexibility, broader tube processing range and more opportunities to be exploited.

The swivel cutting head of the 3D 5-axis fiber laser pipe cutting machine can swing at positive and negative angles, and the cutting head forms a 45-degree bevel cut with the pipe surface, thereby realizing the pipe bevel cutting process.

Experience the unlimited possibilities of laser tube cutting

Machine Features

Golden Laser’s 3D 5-axis laser cutting machine matched the imported laser rotary swivel head, especially applicable for angular cutting, and 3D-laser processing of components. This 3D 5-axis laser cutting machine has a swivel range/stroke+/- 135° (+/- 160°), making seamless splicing easier!
45 degree bevel cutting

Bevel Cutting

The maximum angle of the swing angle axis is ±160°.

The maximum operating speed is 170m/min.

The bevel cutting option enables high-quality bevel cuts of up to 45°.

rapid cutting

Rapid Cutting

The pipe does not need to be moved when cutting the contour with a small figure, only the cutting head swings for rapid cutting.

all kinds of pipes

Cutting All Types of Pipes

A wider range of tube types can be processed,including various special-shaped tubes.

intelligent auto loader

Automatic Loading and Unloading

Golden Laser offers a full-automatic loading system to sort out a whole bundle of tubes and measure tube length automatically. Due to the intelligent unloading system, finished products and wastes will be separated from each other. Moreover, offcuts and wastes are collected together.

full servo dynamic support

Floating Support System

Perfect fit all kinds of pipes, such as round tube, rectangular, square, oval tube or H-type and others.

pneumatic chuck

Pneumatic Chuck

High-speed pneumatic chuck, the maximum rotation speed is 120r/min. Thanks to the self-adaptive adjustment of the clamping force, the operation is more intelligent and simplified.

welded machine bed

Welded Machine Bed

The maximum thickness of the welded plate of the machine bed is 25 mm, and the maximum weight is 7 tons, which is stable and not easily deformed.

Machine Video

3D Laser Tube Cutting VS. 2D Laser Tube Cutting

3D bevel tube fiber laser cutting results

3D Bevel Tube Fiber Laser Cutting

3D laser cutting systems often feature flexible laser heads that can operate in multiple directions and angles.
2D normal laser tube cutting results

2D Normal Laser Tube Cutting

2D laser cutting focuses primarily on creating two-dimensional shapes and patterns on flat materials.

Tube Laser Cutting Machine Capacities

standard and closed tubes

Technical Specifications

Model No.: i25-3D / i25A-3D i35-3D / i35A-3D
Processing pipe size range Round tube ∅20mm - ∅220mm
Square tube 20mm x 20mm - 140mm x 140mm
Round tube ∅20mm - ∅350mm
Square tube 20mm x 20mm - 240mm x 240mm
U profile 20#
I profile 20#
Laser power 1500W - 6000W 3000W - 12000W
Max acceleration 1.2g 0.6g
Positioning accuracy 0.02mm 0.05mm
XY Axis positioning speed 120m/min 72m/min
Bundle size 800mm x 800mm x 6200mm 800mm x 800mm x 8000mm
Max weight for single tube 150Kg 1200Kg
Waste length ① When the front and rear chucks clamp the pipe at the same time, the tailing material is 180mm
② When the front chuck is opened and only the rear chuck is used, the tailings are 80mm
① When the front chuck claw are opened, the shortest tail is 160mm
② when the front chuck claw are not opened, the shortest tail is 220mm
Max load for loader 2.5t 2.5t

Smart functions of tube laser cutting machine to improve your productivity

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Swivel Laser Head
Germany LT ULTRA or Golden Laser Brand, or Boci, Precitec laser cutting head.
Slag Removal
The inner wall of the pipe is clean and free of slag, improve the qualified rate of finished products, and reduce the follow-up process.
Belt collecting platform
Reduce labor and improve efficiency.
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