CO2 Laser Machine

Our Product portfolio - 1️⃣

Laser Die Cutting Series

Digital laser cutting and converting machine for roll-to-roll, roll-to-sheet, roll-to-parts and sheet-fed applications.
laser die cutting machine with sheeting module

Roll to Roll Label Laser Cutting Machine

LC350 (web width 350mm) delivers on-demand converting of roll labels, films and tapes, dramatically reducing lead time and eliminating the tooling costs through a complete, efficient digital workflow.
laser die cutter LC230

Digital Laser Die Cutter for Labels

LC230 Roll to Roll Laser Die Cutter (web width 230mm) is an excellent choice for digital short-run laser finishing, offering zero pattern changeover time and no tooling costs. 
roll to part laser die cutter LC350

Roll-to-Part Laser Cutting Machine for Sticker

LC350 Roll-to-Part Laser Die Cutting Machine includes an extraction mechanism that separates your finished sticker and decal items onto a conveyor.
sheet fed laser cutting machine LC5035

Sheet Fed Laser Cutter

LC5035 (working area 500mmx350mm) combined with an automatic sheet feeder enables users to handle the sheet material from media loading to collecting in a continuous, unattended and efficient manner.
sheet fed laser die cutting machine LC8060

Sheet Fed Laser Cutting Machine

LC8060 Sheet Fed Laser Cutter (working area 800mmx600mm) features continuous sheet feeding, dual head laser cutting on-the-fly and automatic collection working mode.

Our Product portfolio - 2️⃣

Flatbed Laser Cutting Series

Industrial-grade large-format CO2 laser cutting machine with high power, high speed, high precision, and automation.
large format flatbed laser cutting machine

Large Format Laser Cutting Machine for Textile

Large format flatbed CO2 laser for fabric and textile cutting, driven by gear and rack with servo motor, high speed, high precision and highly automated.
laser cutting machine for filter cloth

Laser Cutting Machine for Filter Cloth

Working area: 3500mm x 4000mm, 3500mm x 5000mm.
Laser power up to 600W, 800W.
Specially designed for industrial filter cloth cutting.
laser cutting machine for airbag

Laser Cutting Machine for Airbag

It is a fully integrated laser airbag cutting solution that enables airbag manufacturers to achieve their operational excellence and cost reduction.
large format dual head laser cutting machine

Large Format Multi-Head Laser Cutting Machine

Medium-format and large-format laser cutting machines, with double-head or multi-head configuration, improve production efficiency.
ultra-long format laser cutting machine

Ultra-Long Table Size Laser Cutting Machine

Extra long working table size, up to 10 meters. It can be equipped with a cloth spreading machine to realize automated production.
high speed galvo laser cutting machine

Galvo & Gantry Laser Cutting Machine

Flatbed laser cutting machine equipped with galvanometer scanning head to achieve high-speed cutting, engraving and perforation.

Our Product portfolio - 3️⃣

Vision Laser Cutting Series

Laser cutter with advanced vision camera systems for contour cutting and positioning perforation of digitally printed fabrics.
vision scan laser cutter for sublimation fabric

Vision Scan Laser Cutting Machine

Scan on-the-fly and contour cut the sublimation printed fabric into sizes and shapes. A conveyor and auto-feeder is used to keep cutting continuously.
GoldenCAM laser cutting machine

Camera Registration Laser Cutting Machine

High precision registration marks positioning and intelligent deformation compensation for accurately laser cutting of printed logos, letters and numbers.
smart vision laser cutter

Smart Vision Laser Cutting Machine

The big camera takes a photo of the printed pattern at once in the entire work area at one time. Dual heads work independently, high processing efficiency.
Galvo laser engraving cutting machine

Vision Flying Galvo Laser Cutting Machine

The galvanometer scanning head, roll-to-roll platform, and vision scanning system are integrated to achieve continuous high-speed cutting on-the-fly.
vision laser cutting machine for printed textile graphics 320400

Large Format Laser Cutting Machine for Fabric Graphics

Working area 3200mm×4000mm (10.5 ft×13.1ft). Specially for the digital printing industry - finishing wide format textile graphics, banners, flags, displays...
galvo perforating and vision cutting laser

Galvo Laser Perforation and Cutting Machine for Sportswear

Galvo and gantry integrated machine for high-speed perforating and contour cutting of sublimated sportswear in a single pass.

Our Product portfolio - 4️⃣

Small Format
Laser Cutting Series

Small format laser cutting machine series with working area less than 1800mmx1000mm (70.8”x39.3”), versatile and economical.
160100 co2 laser cutting machine

General-purpose Laser Cutting Machine

Small format CO2 laser cutting machine. Working areas 1000x600mm, 1300x900mm, 1400x900mm, 1600x1000mm, 1800x1000mm
small format laser cutting machine

Independent Dual Heads Laser Cutting Machine

Double-head asynchronous cutting, improve efficiency. Used for cutting all kinds of textile, fabrics, leather and shoes materials.

High Precision Laser Cutting Machine

Precision screw and full servo motor drive, rigid machine tool and marble working platform ensure high-precision and high-speed cutting.
multifunction laser cutter

Multi-function Laser Cutting Machine

SuperLAB is a CO2 laser processing system for non-metal, capable of laser marking, engraving and cutting. It has the functions of vision positioning, one-touch calibration and auto focus. Especially suitable for prototyping.
flying galvo laser cutting machine

Flying Galvo Laser Cutting Machine

The fastest in its class, a calibrated laser cutting machine with a Galvo head, produces cutting results with high precision, perfect accuracy, at super low costs. Especially suitable for cutting and perforating hijab and fashion designs.

Our Product portfolio - 5️⃣

Laser Engraving Series

CO2 Glvo laser engraving machines feature high-speed marking technology and high-speed cutting of thin materials.

roll to roll flying galvo laser engraving machine

Roll to Roll Galvo Laser Engraving Machine

Using “on-the-fly” engraving technology, one time engraving width can reach 1600mm without splicing, supporting textile unwinding, engraving and rewinding at the same time.
co2 laser marking machine

CO2 Galvo Laser Marking Machine

3D dynamic focus CO2 Galvo laser engraver. Automatic up and down Z axis. Automatic shuttle zinc-iron alloy honeycomb working table.
jeans laser engraving machine

Denim Jeans Laser Engraving Machine

Jeans laser engraving is catering to the demands of replacing traditional washing processes. With 3D dynamic large-format galvanometer laser technology...
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