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Automatic Inkjet Line Marking Machine for Shoe


The fully automatic inkjet line marking machine streamlines the process of adding precise markings on footwear components with efficiency and accuracy. It replaces traditional manual line drawing, saving labor costs and catering to the demands of modern shoe manufacturing. It is suitable for inkjet marking various shoe material components such as uppers, soles, and midsoles.

Automatic Inkjet Line Marking Machine for Shoe

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Innovating Workflow: The Evolution of Shoe Factory Operations

Fully Automatic Inkjet Marking Solution

- Meeting Footwear Industry Demands: Enhancing Efficiency in Shoemaking

In the shoemaking industry, precise line marking on cut pieces is an essential operation. Traditional manual methods not only demand substantial labor but also introduce variability dependent on worker proficiency, impacting product quality. Our fully automatic inkjet line marking machine is purpose-built to address this need for precise marking with high automation. It boasts intelligent recognition of cut piece types, automated precise positioning, and rapid, high-accuracy inkjet marking within an assembly-line workflow. Featuring advanced automation and intelligent controls, the machine streamlines operations while offering user-friendly operation and ease of mastery.

Recruitment challenges persist for major shoe manufacturers, prompting a shift towards semi-automation and full automation as the future trajectory for factories. Simplification of processes and the substitution of manual labor with machinery emerge as viable strategies for future-proofing manufacturing operations. Our fully automatic inkjet line marking machine endeavors to support shoe factories in labor optimization, productivity enhancement, and cost reduction endeavors.

Innovations Driving Efficiency and Precision in Shoemaking Industry

Machine Features

automatic operation

Fully Automatic Operation

The machine operates seamlessly in a fully automatic assembly-line manner, requiring only material loading by workers. An optional automatic loading structure further enhances efficiency.

flexible material placement

Flexible Material Placement

Regardless of the shoe components type or shape, different materials can be freely placed in the loading area, allowing for flexible arrangement and convenience in production, facilitating varied requirements.

vision system

Vision Camera System

Equipped with a high-precision industrial camera, the machine intelligently identifies materials and precisely positions them for accurate marking, ensuring consistent quality output.

pneumatic mesh press

Pneumatic Mesh Press

Ensuring material flatness is paramount for accurate marking. The machine utilizes a pneumatic mesh press to guarantee that materials remain flat during the marking process, enhancing overall quality.

servo motion module

Servo Motion Module

Featuring a servo motion module, the machine delivers fast operation, high precision, and minimal downtime due to its low failure rate, ensuring reliable and efficient processing performance.

multiple inkjet heads

Multiple Inkjet Heads

With the capability to accommodate various inkjet heads, the machine adapts to different types of inks, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of ink formulations for diverse marking requirements.

drying system

Lift-Up Drying System

The collection zone comes equipped with an integrated lift-up constant-temperature drying system, ensuring rapid and uniform drying of markings, thereby enhancing production efficiency.

shoe materials

Various Materials

Designed to work with a diverse range of materials including PU, leather, synthetic leather, microfiber and fabric, the machine offers versatility and adaptability to meet the needs of various shoe manufacturing processes.

Technical Specifications

Model No. JYBJ-12090LD / JYBJHY-12090LD II
Working area 1200mm x 900mm
Working table Rubber belt conveyor
Working platform height 750mm
Max. working speed 2000mm/s
Acceleration 20000mm/s2
Repeated positioning accuracy ≤0.05mm
Positioning accuracy ≤0.1mm
Motion system Synchronous belt module transmission
Control system Servo control system
Vision system 24 million pixel industrial camera
Power supply AC220V±5% 50Hz/60Hz
Power consumption 3KW
Graphic format supported PLT, DXF, AI, DST, BMP


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