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Laser Trimming Machine for Warp Knitted Lace

This machine is specifically designed for trimming the fabric edges of warp-knitted lace from roll to roll. It combines a feature-based lace pattern recognition algorithm with high-speed Galvo laser technology, offering an automated solution aimed at improving the production efficiency and quality of home textiles such as curtains, tablecloths, and sofa cushions.

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Automated Trimming Process for Home Décor Fabrics

Laser Cutting of Warp Knitted Lace

- Precise cutting and trimming of lace with unwinding and rewinding capabilities

This laser cutting machine offers an advanced automated solution that integrates a feature-based lace recognition algorithm with high-speed Galvo laser system. This technology enables precise and efficient cutting and trimming of warp-knitted lace.

This machine stands out for its high efficiency, delivering rapid production with superior edge quality. The laser cutting process ensures clean, consistent edges, significantly enhancing the lace products’ aesthetic and functional value. Additionally, the system includes unwinding and rewinding mechanisms, enabling fully automated processing of roll materials from start to finish. The automation reduces the need for manual labor, leading to lower production costs and increased profitability. 

Key features of the machine include its ability to recognize and adapt to various lace patterns through its advanced vision recognition system, offering flexibility and versatility in production. The user-friendly interface simplifies operation, allowing manufacturers to achieve streamline processing.

Overall, this machine provides a high-value solution for the decorative lace market, combining precision, efficiency, and ease of use with full automation for continuous processing.


The lace laser cutting machine for warp knitting is divided into three parts: the lace unwinding section, the laser trimming section, and the finished lace fabric rewinding section. These three sections work together to automate the process of warp knitted lace trimming, ensuring efficiency, precision, and high-quality output in lace production.

Lace Unwinding
The lace roll is loaded onto the unwinding system, which then feeds the lace into the machine at a consistent speed. The tension control device maintains uniform tension to prevent slack or excessive tightness, while the alignment correction device ensures the fabric is correctly aligned as it moves into the next section.
Section 1
Laser Trimming
The vision recognition system locates the precise areas on the lace edges that require trimming. The two Galvo scanner heads carry out the laser cutting on-the-fly in a synchronized manner, ensuring continuous and accurate trimming. The waste material is pulled out by the winding device and collected in a waste bin.
Section 2
Finished Lace Fabric Rewinding
The trimmed lace is guided onto a new roll by the rewinding mechanism. The tension control system maintains the appropriate tension to ensure the lace is wound uniformly, preventing slack or excessive tightness that could affect the quality of the final product.
Section 3
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Technical Specifications

Model No. ZJJF(3D)-320LD
Laser type CO2 RF metal laser Laser power 150W
Max processing width 3200mm (126") Machine footprint 4000mm x 4000mm (157.5" x 157.5")
Laser head Galvo scanner Focusing system 3D dynamic focusing
Camera type Industrial camera Camera sampling frame rate 10F/s
Camera maximum field of view 200mm (7.8") Processing pattern width 160mm (6.3")
Pattern tilt angle <27° Maximum cutting delay 200ms
Maximum feeding speed 18m/min Drive system Servo motor + synchronous belt
Power supply AC380V±10%  50Hz±5% Power consumption 7KW


This machine is designed specifically for precision cutting and trimming of warp-knitted lace used in home décor. Its advanced technology ensures clean and accurate cuts, making it an essential tool for producing high-quality decorative items.

The machine is primarily applied in the following areas:

Laser Cutting Samples

By using the warp knitting lace laser cutting machine, manufacturers can produce high-quality lace products that meet the demands of the home décor market. The machine’s ability to deliver precise cuts and intricate designs makes it an invaluable asset for creating beautiful and functional decorative items.
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