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Small Format
Laser Cutting Series

Small format laser cutting machine series with working area less than 1800mmx1000mm (70.8”x39.3”), versatile and economical.
160100 co2 laser cutting machine

General-purpose Laser Cutting Machine

Small format CO2 laser cutting machine. Working areas 1000x600mm, 1300x900mm, 1400x900mm, 1600x1000mm, 1800x1000mm
small format laser cutting machine

Independent Dual Heads Laser Cutting Machine

Double-head asynchronous cutting, improve efficiency. Used for cutting all kinds of textile, fabrics, leather and shoes materials.

High Precision Laser Cutting Machine

Precision screw and full servo motor drive, rigid machine tool and marble working platform ensure high-precision and high-speed cutting.
multifunction laser cutter

Multi-function Laser Cutting Machine

SuperLAB is a CO2 laser processing system for non-metal, capable of laser marking, engraving and cutting. It has the functions of vision positioning, one-touch calibration and auto focus. Especially suitable for prototyping.
flying galvo laser cutting machine

Flying Galvo Laser Cutting Machine

The fastest in its class, a calibrated laser cutting machine with a Galvo head, produces cutting results with high precision, perfect accuracy, at super low costs. Especially suitable for cutting and perforating hijab and fashion designs.
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