Laser Die Cutting Machine

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Laser Die Cutting Series

Digital laser cutting and converting machine for roll-to-roll, roll-to-sheet, roll-to-parts and sheet-fed applications.
laser die cutting machine with sheeting module

Roll to Roll Label Laser Die Cutting Machine

LC350 (web width 350mm) delivers on-demand converting of roll labels, films and tapes, dramatically reducing lead time and eliminating the tooling costs through a complete, efficient digital workflow.
laser die cutter LC230

Digital Laser Die Cutter for Label

LC230 Roll to Roll Laser Die Cutter (web width 230mm) is an excellent choice for digital short-run laser finishing, offering zero pattern changeover time and no tooling costs. 
roll to part laser die cutter LC350

Roll-to-Part Laser Cutting Machine for Sticker

LC350 Roll-to-Part Laser Die Cutting Machine includes an extraction mechanism that separates your finished sticker and decal items onto a conveyor.
sheet fed laser cutting machine LC5035

Sheet Fed Laser Cutter

LC5035 (working area 500mmx350mm) combined with an automatic sheet feeder enables users to handle the sheet material from media loading to collecting in a continuous, unattended and efficient manner.
sheet fed laser die cutting machine LC8060

Sheet Fed Laser Cutting Machine

LC8060 Sheet Fed Laser Cutter (working area 800mmx600mm) features continuous sheet feeding, dual head laser cutting on-the-fly and automatic collection working mode.
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