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A 6-axis robot overcomes the limitations of traditional laser cutting angles, enabling dynamic 2D and 3D cutting.

The most prevalent application of 3D robotic fiber laser cutting machines is in automotive design and manufacturing. These machines are used for tasks such as cutting prototype car parts, creating holes and trimming body panels, cutting steering wheel openings, windshield areas, roof cover bracket holes, safety airbag components, and hydroformed parts.

3D robot fiber laser cutting machine RE16

Multi-station Robot Laser Cutter

RE16 RE18 RE26
3D robot fiber laser cutting machine RN16

3D Robot Laser Cutter

RN16 RN18 RN26
3D robot fiber laser cutting welding machine RV16

6 Axis Laser Cutter

RV16 RV18 RV26

Robot Laser Cutter

Our laser cutting machines come with features that maximize their performance. Ask our experts to see what options meet your machining requirements.

Flexible Laser Cutting Angle

The rotatable three-dimensional 6-axis robot arm can flexibly cut metal workpieces with tricky angles.

Optional installation methods

You can flexibly install the 3D robot cutting machine according to your processing needs and factory space.

2D 3D Laser Cutting

It can not only cut metal pipes, but also cut metal sheets, one machine with multiple functions.

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