Roll to Roll Label Laser Die Cutting Machine

Model No.: LC350

LC350 Label Laser Die Cutting Machine is an innovative solution designed for roll materials converting processes. Its modular design facilitates roll-to-roll, roll-to-sheet, and roll-to-sticker processes seamlessly. With digital laser cutting and finishing capabilities, LC350 ensures unmatched quality and performance, enabling manufacturers to tackle the most demanding challenges in today’s competitive market landscape.

roll ro roll label laser die cutting machine

Digital Laser Die Cutting System

LC350 laser die cutting system delivers high quality, on-demand converting of roll materials, dramatically reducing lead time and eliminating the costs of conventional die cutting through a complete, efficient digital workflow.

The standard version features unwinding, laser cutting, dual rewinding and waste matrix removal. And it is prepared for add-on modules such as varnishing, lamination, slitting and sheeting, etc. It is possible to cut with different power levels on the same label.

The system can be fitted with Barcode (or QR Code) reader for continuously cutting and seamlessly adjust jobs on the fly. LC350 offers completed digital and automatic solution for roll to roll (or roll to sheet, roll to part) laser cutting. No extra tooling expense and waiting time needed, ultimate flexibility to fulfill dynamic market demands.

Main features of the label laser die cutting machine LC350


Quick Turnover

Eliminates traditional tooling & die fabrication, maintenance and storage. Ideal solution for just-in-time manufacturing and short-runs.

Precision Cutting

Produce complex geometry and superior part quality that cannot be replicated in the traditional die cutting process.

PC Workstation

Through the PC Workstation you can manage all the parameters of the laser station, optimize layout for maximum yields.

Multiple Processes

Suitable for different kinds of work: Full cutting, kiss-cutting, perforating, micro perforating, engraving, marking, creasing - in a single processing run.

Vision System - Cut to Print

Vision camera systems or sensors are available for registering printed materials or pre-die cut shapes, allowing precision cutting with cut-print registration of 0.1mm.

Modular Design

Extreme Flexibility: A variety of options are available to automate and customize the system to suit a wide variety of converting requirements.

Digital Workflow

A complete digital workflow solution: Pattern changeover is as simple as opening a file; no downtime or setup is required.

Intelligent Software

Self-developed software intelligent algorithms improve cutting accuracy by constantly adjusting the laser processing speed to match different graphics.

Unlimited Cutting Path

The cutting beam can be moved in any direction and cuts smoothly. Easily create rounded, squared corners or jagged edges for shaped labels.

How a Laser Die Cutting Machine Works

Watch the video to see laser cut on-the-fly for labels. Golden Laser team is ready to meet the demands of your business and adapt our laser die cutting machine to your needs.


Model No. LC350
Laser Source CO2 RF laser
Laser Power 150W / 300W / 600W
Max Web Width 350mm
Max Width of Feeding 370mm
Max Web Diameter 750mm
Max Web Speed 120m/min (depending on laser power, material and cut pattern)
Accuracy ±0.1mm
Power Supply 380V 50/60Hz Three phase


Unwinder with closed-loop tension control Max unwinder diameter: 750mm
Electronic web guide with ultrasonic edge guide sensor
With two pneumatic shafts and unwind/rewind
Can be equipped with one or two laser scan heads. Three or more laser heads can be customized; Multi-station laser workstation (Galvo laser and XY gantry laser) are available.
Optional shear slitter or razor blade slitter
Rewinder or Dual rewinder. With closed-loop tension control system ensures continuous stable tension. 750 mm maximum rewind diameter.

Converting Options

Golden Laser is capable of customizing laser die cutting machines to adapt your specific needs by adding the converting modules. Your production lines may benefit from the following converting options.

Some of the Converting Options Portfolio

Don't like the "Red Color" machine?

No problem!

The colors of our machines can be customized to your liking.

Check out the blue and white machine body we customized for one of our customers.

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Applicable Materials:

PET, paper, coated paper, glossy paper, matte paper, synthetic paper, kraft paper, polypropylene (PP), TPU, BOPP, PE, plastic, film, PET film, microfinishing film, lapping film, double-sided tape, 3M VHB tape, reflective material, fabrics, etc.

Application Fields:

Labels / Stickers & Decals / Printing & Packaging / Films & Tapes / Heat Transfer Films / Retro Reflective Films / Adhesive Tapes / 3M Tapes / Industrial Tapes / Abrasive Materials / Automotive / Gaskets / Membrane Switch / Electronics, etc.

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