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Established in 2005 and listed on the Growth Enterprise Market of Shenzhen Stock Exchange in 2011 (Stock Code 300220), Wuhan Golden Laser Co., Ltd. Is a leading manufacturer of high-end industrial laser systems based in China.

With the responsibility of intelligent manufacturing of industrial laser cutting, engraving and marking machines, Golden Laser focuses on subdividing markets and industries, creates value for customers, provides hardware + software + service business strategy, strives to build a smart factory model and aspires to become the leader of intelligent automation digital laser application solutions.


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In the high-end digital laser equipment manufacturing business of Golden Laser, the main products are laser processing equipment, which are mainly used in cutting, engraving, marking, perforation, as well as welding and other processes of material processing.

Divided into two major divisions:

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1. Non-metallic flexible material laser solutions division

Offering laser die-cutting machines, flatbed laser cutting machines and galvanometer laser machines, etc. Widely used in industries like textiles & fabrics, digital printing, labeling & packaging, automotive interiors, clothing, leather & shoes, etc.

2. Metal laser processing solutions division

Specializing in fiber laser sheet metal cutting machines, fiber laser tube cutting machines, and automated production line solutions. Our products find applications in industries such as fitness equipment, steel furniture, and automotive components, etc.

Covering the Entire Spectrum of Laser Technology
Golden Laser has established itself as a key player across the entire value chain, from R&D and manufacturing of lasers and laser components to industrial structural design, circuit design, and hardware-software integration solutions.
Advancing Technology in Laser Processing

With the advantages of long-accumulated technological research and development, continuously iterative production process, and rapid response capability to customers, we continue to enhance the our competitiveness.

Shaping the Future with Laser Technology
Adhering to the strategic plan of using laser technology to transform traditional industries, Golden Laser is committed to providing laser application solutions based on technological R&D and guided by industrial applications.
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