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Vision Laser Cutting for Dye-Sublimation

Laser cutter with advanced vision camera systems for contour cutting and positioning perforation of digitally printed fabrics.
vision scan laser cutter for sublimation fabric

Vision Scan Laser Cutting Machine

Scan on-the-fly and contour cut the sublimation printed fabric into sizes and shapes. A conveyor and auto-feeder is used to keep cutting continuously.
GoldenCAM laser cutting machine

Camera Registration Laser Cutting Machine

High precision registration marks positioning and intelligent deformation compensation for accurately laser cutting of printed logos, letters and numbers.
smart vision laser cutter

Smart Vision Laser Cutting Machine

The big camera takes a photo of the printed pattern at once in the entire work area at one time. Dual heads work independently, high processing efficiency.
Galvo laser engraving cutting machine

Vision Flying Galvo Laser Cutting Machine

The galvanometer scanning head, roll-to-roll platform, and vision scanning system are integrated to achieve continuous high-speed cutting on-the-fly.
vision laser cutting machine for printed textile graphics 320400

Large Format Laser Cutting Machine for Fabric Graphics

Working area 3200mm×4000mm (10.5 ft×13.1ft). Specially for the digital printing industry - finishing wide format textile graphics, banners, flags, displays...
galvo perforating and vision cutting laser

Galvo Laser Perforation and Cutting Machine for Sportswear

Galvo and gantry integrated machine for high-speed perforating and contour cutting of sublimated sportswear in a single pass.
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