Airbag Laser Cutting Machine

JMCCJG-250600LD | JMCCJG-250300LD

In the field of automotive safety, airbags are a crucial component, and their manufacturing process requires extremely high precision and reliability. Golden Laser has designed and developed a laser cutting machine specifically for multi-layer airbag fabric to meet this demand, providing airbag manufacturers with an efficient and accurate cutting solution.

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Airbag Laser Cutting Solution

- Efficient and Accurate Multi-Layer Fabric Cutting

Golden Laser’s airbag laser cutting machines are designed to meet the automotive industry’s demand for high precision and efficient production of airbags.

The laser cutting system consists of three highly coordinated parts: feeding table, cutting table, and collection table, ensuring the smoothness and consistency of the entire cutting process. The equipped multi-layer spreading device is capable of handling multiple layers of airbag fabric at one time, greatly enhancing production efficiency.

Cutting software employs mixed-layout nesting, optimizing material usage and achieving utilization rates exceeding 80%. 

Whether working with coated or uncoated fabrics, our lasers seamlessly cut through layers, with sealed edges and no fraying, making them ideal for trimming specific airbag components.

For high-volume production, CO2 RF lasers 300W, 600W to 800W can effortlessly cut through 5 to 10 layers, while heavier loads of 20 to 30 layers require the high power 2500W to 3000W CO2 fast axial flow lasers.

Available in a range of widths and lengths, the laser cutting table can be built to match your application needs.

Working Area: 2500mm×6000mm (Customizable)
X axis (mm): 2100 / 2500 / 3000
Y axis (mm): 3000 / 4000 / 5000 / 6000
When cutting multiple layers of airbags, a film is placed over each layer of fabric to prevent the layers from shifting or sticking together during the cutting process. This film acts as a barrier between the layers of fabric, ensuring a precise cut and maintaining the integrity of each layer. It helps in achieving accurate cuts and ensures the proper functioning of the airbag after assembly.
Elevate your airbag manufacturing process with our laser cutting solution

Watch JMCCJG-250600LD Laser Cutting Machine for Multilayer Airbags in Action

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Configurations Highlight

1. Fully Enclosed Design

A fully enclosed design offers enhanced safety, environmental protection, and operational efficiency for industrial fabric laser cutting machines.
Fully enclosed structure
Enclosing the cutting area ensures that operators and nearby personnel are protected from the laser beam and fumes generated during the cutting process.
The enclosed design helps contain dust and fumes produced during the cutting process, improving air quality in the workspace.
By minimizing external disturbances such as air currents, the enclosed design can help maintain consistent cutting conditions, leading to higher precision and quality in the finished products.
The enclosure can help dampen the noise generated by the cutting process, creating a quieter and more comfortable working environment.
In many regions, industrial facilities are required to adhere to strict safety and environmental regulations. A fully enclosed design can help ensure compliance with these regulations.
The wireless control handle enables operators to remotely control and adjust cutting parameters, enhancing mobility, safety, and precision during operation. Its intuitive interface and emergency stop features contribute to a smoother and more efficient cutting process while ensuring user safety.

2. Gear Rack Dual-Drive System

This laser cutting machine is powered by a gear rack dual-drive transmission system, which harnesses the precision of two servo motors to drive separate gear and rack assemblies.

This configuration ensures pinpoint accuracy and swift movement along the X and Y axes, enhancing the machine’s dynamic capabilities and synchronization accuracy. Even at high speeds, the laser cutting head maintains stability and precision, making it ideal for filter materials and technical textiles cutting that demand high precision and responsiveness.

Significantly improves the dynamic performance of the laser cutting machine, ensuring that the cutting head remains stable and precise at high operating speeds.
Smooth transmission effect, reduced noise and increased gear loading capacity make it particularly suitable for handling industrial filter cloth materials that require high precision and high dynamic response.
Stable operation even under high load conditions meets the stringent requirements of industrial production for durability and reliability.
This feature allows the machine to maintain high efficiency and reliability even in the most demanding production environments, significantly reducing operational costs for businesses while enhancing production efficiency.

3. Knife Strip Conveyor Working Table

The knife strip conveyor working table is a special work platform used in laser cutting equipment, combining a conveyor belt drive system with a knife strip support structure, designed to enhance the work efficiency and cutting quality of the laser cutting machine.

The knife strip conveyor working table provides a stable working surface for supporting multi-layer airbag materials, ensuring that the materials do not shift or deform during the laser cutting process. The conveyor structure allows for continuous material passage through the cutting area, facilitating efficient mass production.

With evenly distributed knife strip supports, the working table maintains the flatness of the material during cutting, reducing cutting errors caused by material unevenness, thereby enhancing the quality and consistency of the final product.

This platform is suitable for materials of various thicknesses and layers, allowing the same laser cutting machine to process airbag fabrics of different specifications, increasing the flexibility of the equipment.

The magnetic knife strip design makes the replacement and maintenance of the knife strips simple and quick, reducing the technical skill requirements for operators and also lowering maintenance costs and time.

The design of the knife strip conveyor working table allows the laser cutting machine to cut multiple layers of material without frequent stops for knife strip replacement, thereby reducing production interruptions and increasing overall production efficiency.

4. Feeding System
(with multi-layer spreading machine)

feeding system of airbag laser cutting machine
The feeding system with a multi-layer spreading machine is designed to ensure smooth and precise material handling during the cutting process, optimizing productivity.
This machine is responsible for spreading out multiple layers of fabric or material evenly, ensuring uniformity and consistency in the cutting process. It helps in stacking the material in layers, ready for precise cutting.
The feeding mechanism is typically a conveyor belt system that transports the stacked material layers towards the cutting area. It ensures a continuous and controlled feed of material to the cutting machine.
These are installed throughout the feeding system to monitor the position and movement of the material. They help in maintaining proper alignment and detecting any irregularities or obstructions in the feeding process.

The feeding system is controlled by a centralized control unit that coordinates the operation of various components. It allows for precise control of material feed speed, direction, and synchronization with the cutting process.

5. Pressure Bars

pressure bar on flated CO2 laser cutter
This laser cutting machine features pressure bars which are typically located along the edges of the worktable, near the cutting area. The main purpose is to provide stability and hold the fabric or material in place during the cutting process, ensuring precise and accurate cuts.
It helps to keep the fabric or material flat and stable during the cutting process. This is crucial for ensuring accurate and clean cuts.
The pressure bar prevents the material from shifting or moving during cutting, which could result in inaccuracies or errors in the final product.
By holding the material firmly in place, the pressure bar ensures that the laser cuts through the material evenly and consistently, leading to high-quality cuts.

Powerful customization capabilities

The laser cutting machines we produce are specially configured to fulfill your requirements thanks to the modular design. We can customize the system exactly to the needs of your application.

Technical Specifications

Model No. JMCCJG-250600LD
Laser type CO2 laser
Laser power 300W, 600W, 800W, 2500W, 3000W
Working area 2500mm×6000mm (Customized working areas available)
Working table Vacuum conveyor working table
Drive System YYC X & Y-Axis Rack & Pinion Drive, YASKAWA Servo Motors, ABBA Linear Guide
Cutting speed 0~1,200mm/s
Acceleration 8,000mm/s2
Power supply AC380V±5% 50/60Hz 3Phase / AC220V±5% 50/60Hz
Graphic Format Supported PLT, DXF, AI, DST, BMP

Materials suitable for laser cutting of airbag fabrics include:

Airbag Laser Cutting Samples

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