Camera Registration Laser Cutting Machine


The laser cutting machine incorporates a dedicated GoldenCAM camera registration system, a fully integrated hardware and software solution for accurate laser cutting of printed materials. It features a camera to locate and determine the exact positions of the registration marks on materials. The software adjusts a predefined cut path to fit the material.

Camera Registration Laser Cutting Machine

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Configuration to meet the demands of printed materials cutting production

GoldenCAM Camera Registration System

- The precision laser cutting solutions for dye-sublimation and printed materials

GoldenCAM is a fully-integrated hardware and software solution that turns your laser cutting table into an advanced digital finishing system. It gives lasers the ability to process printed materials more accurately and ensures laser cutting efficiency by compensating for processing issues like rotation and distortion.

GoldenCAM relies on a high-resolution camera mounted next to the laser head to automatically measure the dimensions between registration marks on printed materials. The system uses inputs from these measurements alongside the registration marks of the cutting file to ensure the accuracy of the laser’s path.

GoldenCAM is compatible with every CO2 laser system in the Golden Laser lineup.

GoldenCAM laser cutter for letters

How GoldenCAM Works?

The yellow line is the cutting path of the original design, and the black contour is the actual print contour with distortion during sublimation. If cut according to the original graphics, the finished product will be defective. How to cut out the precise shape?

goldencam registration marks
goldencam works
Software for deformation compensation and correction. The red line represents the path after the software compensates for the deformation. Laser machine cuts accurately along the corrected pattern.

WATCH GoldenCAM Laser Cutter for Dye-Sub Lettters IN ACTION

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Machine Features

Experience the pinnacle of cutting performance with our laser cutting machines, engineered for efficiency, precision and reliability.

Rack and Pinion Drive

The rack and pinion drive system provides high precision, fast speeds, durability, and efficient power transmission. With minimal backlash and smooth motion, it ensures accurate positioning of the cutting head for consistent cutting results.

Yaskawa Servo Motors

With high-performance servo motors, this machine delivers exceptional control and speed. Equipped with encoders, these motors provide real-time feedback to the control system, enabling precise positioning of the cutting head for intricate designs and smooth curves.

Linear Guide Rails

This machine features precision-machined linear guide rails along the X, Y, and Z axes, ensuring smooth and stable movement for the cutting head. This guarantees impeccable accuracy and minimizes vibrations during cutting operations.

Enhance Capabilities and Efficiency with Options

Optional Extras

Automatic Feeding System
This system helps in automatically feeding materials into the laser cutting machine, reducing manual labor and increasing efficiency. It ensures a continuous workflow by feeding materials in roll form, thus minimizing downtime.
Multiple Laser Cutting Heads
Having multiple laser cutting heads allows for simultaneous cutting of multiple parts or patterns, thereby increasing productivity. This feature is especially useful for high-volume production or when cutting intricate designs that require precision and speed.

Technical Specifications

Model No. ZDJG-160100LD
Working area 1600mm×1000mm (62.9″×39.3″)
Recognition Mode CCD camera recognition
Working area Conveyor working table
Laser type CO2 DC glass laser / CO2 RF metal laser
Laser power 150W, 200W, 300W
Motors Servo motors
Cutting speed 0-800 mm/s
Software GoldenCAM
Cooling system Constant temperature water chiller
Exhaust system 1.1KW Exhaust fan × 2, 550W Exhaust fan × 1
Power supply 220V / 50Hz or 60Hz / Single phase
Options Auto feeder, Red dot


Printed patches, tackle twill, appliqués, dye-sub twill letters, numbers, logo, apparel decorations, fashion accessories, etc.

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