Intelligent “i” Series

CNC Fiber Laser Tube Cutting Machine

i25 / i35 / i25A / i35A

The “i” series fiber laser pipe cutting machine is a smart, efficient, and reliable solution for pipe cutting needs, offering high precision, high speed, and high automation. Achieving continuous cutting without manual intervention, significantly improving productivity.

Revolutionize Tube Production Process with Precision and Speed

High-end Intelligent CNC Laser Pipe Cutting Machine

- Specially for high precise cutting of metal tubes and pipes

Suit for different shape metal tube and metal pipes laser cut, such as cutting round pipe, square pipe, rectangular pipe, triangle pipe, oval pipe, and other shaped tubes and pipe.

tube lasers

Elevating Efficiency and Precision Through the Integration of Advanced Features and Cutting-Edge Technology

Machine Features

high speed fullstroke chuck

High speed fullstroke chuck

160R/MIN, ultra high efficiency.

Tube range ∅ 9.84” / 13.77″ (250 mm / 350 mm)

Lantek flex3d tubes

Lantek flex3d tubes

full servo dynamic support

Full servo dynamic support

Perfect fit all kinds of pipes, such as round tube, rectangular, square, oval tube or H-type and others.

intelligent auto loader

Intelligent auto loader

automated laser cutting head

Automated laser cutting head

Machine Video

Tube Laser Cutting Machine Capacities

standard and closed tubes

Technical Specifications

Model No.: i25 / i25A i35 / i35A
Processing pipe size range Round ∅20mm - ∅250mm
Square 20mm x 20mm - 140mm x 140mm
Round ∅20mm - ∅350mm
Square 20mm x 20mm - 240mm x 240mm
Laser power 1500W - 6000W
Max acceleration 1.2g 0.6g
Positioning accuracy 0.02mm 0.05mm
Max rotate speed 160r/min 75r/min
Max weight for single tube 225kg (∅200mm x 8mm x 6000mm) 1200kg (∅350mm x 20mm x 8000mm)
Tube load bearing 50kg/m 100kg/m
Chuck loading weight 300kg 600kg
Tailing length / Wastage ① When the front and rear chucks clamp the pipe at the same time, the tailing material is 180mm
② When the front chuck is opened and only the rear chuck is used, the tailings are 80mm
① When the front chuck claw is opened, the shortest tail is 160mm
② when the front chuck claw are not opened, the shortest tail is 220mm

Smart functions of tube laser cutting machine to improve your productivity

Need to Customize Your Featured Laser Machines?

Weld Identification
Avoid scraps caused by welds interfering with laser cutting and ensure stable pipe cutting quality.
Slag Removal
The inner wall of the pipe is clean and free of slag, improve the qualified rate of finished products, and reduce the follow-up process.
Belt collecting platform
Reduce labor and improve efficiency.
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