eXchange“X” Series

Enclosed Fiber Laser Cutting Machine with Medium Power (1.5KW-8KW)


The eXchange “X3plus” series is the ultimate fully enclosed fiber laser cutting machine with exchange table that Golden Laser has developed through numerous iterations. With its European standard design, top-of-the-line safety features, outstanding performance, and ergonomic features, it stands above all others.


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Experience the unlimited possibilities of laser metal cutting

Machine Features

visual monitoring

Important safety precautions

The HD monitoring window allows the operator to consider both the cutting and operation interface and real-time dynamic monitoring of the process. WIth visual recognition anti-collision protection.
intelligent bus-controlled laser head

Smart laser cutting head

lightweight aluminum beam

Long service life, high precision cutting

A durable, compressive aviation aluminum beam with good dynamic performance ensures high acceleration speed.
radiation protection design

Safety and environment friendly

Safety protection to avoid laser radiation, dust-free cutting of highly reflective materials.
durable machine bed

High-strength machine bed and heat-resistant design

Adopt welded with full-thickness steel plates, the laser heating surface design of the bed is optimized and reduced, enabling stable batch cutting of thick plates over a long period and extending the service life of the machine tool.
fiber laser double worktable

Ultra power-driven double workbench

Worry-free cutting of thick plates for a long time, the worktable can achieve smooth and efficient exchange even under heavy loads.

Increase your productivity with eXchange "X" Series Laser Cutting Machine.

Technical Specifications

Model No.: X3plus
Working area 1500mm×3000mm
Laser power 1500W 2000W 3000W 4000W 6000W 8000W
Acceleration speed 120m/min
X Y axis max acceleration speed 1.2g
Position accuracy 0.05mm
Dust extraction system Professionallaser dust extraction filter
Laser source IPG / MAX / Raycus
Control software FSCUT2000E / FSCUT4000E
Power supply AC380V 50/60Hz

Smart functions of metal laser cutting machine to improve your productivity

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CypVision system is designed as an extended vision system for Friendess laser cutting control system.

dust extraction of fiber laser

Dust extraction system

Professional laser dust extraction filter (optional). Reduce pollution, environmental protection, improve yield.

safety grating

Safety grating

Safety protection, when someone breaks into the operating part of the equipment, the laser cutting machine will pause.

Applicable Materials

Stainless steel, carbon steel, aluminum, brass, copper, alloy steel and galvanized steel etc.

Applicable Industries

Sheet metal fabrication, hardware, kitchenware, electronic, automotive parts, glasses, advertising, crafts, lighting, decoration, jewelry, etc.

laser cutting steel stainless steel aluminum copper samples

Finished Products of Thick Metal Laser Cutting

Laser Cutting Sample

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