Flying Galvo Laser Cutting Machine

ZJJG Series

This laser cutting machine is equipped with a CO2 glass laser tube and utilizes a full flying optical path. It supports perforation, full cutting, half cutting, and marking operations, with the flexibility to switch between the Galvo scan head and X-Y laser cutting head. Additionally, it features a camera for galvanometer calibration and mark registration, making it ideal for working with various thin materials such as fabric, leather and heat transfer film.

Flying Galvo Laser Cutting Machine

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Galvo & Gantry "Combo" Laser Machine with Camera

- Versatile Solution for Thin Materials: Effortless Cutting and Perforation with Laser Technology

This CO2 laser system integrates a galvanometer and an X-Y gantry, utilizing a single laser tube. The galvanometer provides rapid laser marking, perforating, and cutting (full-cut and half-cut) capabilities for thin materials, while the X-Y gantry enables processing of thicker substrates.

With a spacious working area of 1.6m×0.6m (or 1.6mx0.8m, 1.6mx1m), it accommodates a wide range of cutting and marking applications, including large format heat transfer vinyl for apparel manufacturing. When embarking on a new project and seeking to explore the capabilities of a Galvo laser marking system, the ZJJG-Series laser machine presents an ideal solution. Its modest investment yields high returns on investment, fostering significant profitability and enhancing production efficiency.

Various laser wattage configurations are available: 80, 100, 130, 150 watts.

Working Area (W x L): Customizable
1600mm x 600mm, 1600mm x 800mm, 1600mm x 1000mm, 1600mm x 2000mm
63” x 23.6”, 63” x 31.5”, 63” x 39.3”, 63" x 78.7"

Experience the power of versatility and precision - revolutionizing CO2 laser technology

Galvo & Gantry Integrated System

superlab galvo gantry system

This setup combines the precision of galvanometer-based mirrors (Galvos) with the versatility of a traditional gantry system, offering unparalleled performance and flexibility in laser cutting, engraving, marking and kiss-cutting.

With the Galvo & Gantry Integrated System, you get the best of both worlds. The Galvos ensure lightning-fast and precise cuts for intricate designs and fine details, while the gantry system provides robust support for larger cuts and overall movement of the laser head.

Whether you’re working on intricate patterns or large-scale projects, our integrated system delivers exceptional results with speed and accuracy.

This setup is often used in industrial laser cutting applications where a wide range of cutting requirements need to be met efficiently.

Elevating Efficiency and Precision Through the Integration of Advanced Features and Cutting-Edge Technology

Machine Features

Continuous Full-Format Processing

Achieve uninterrupted high-efficiency processing with the CO2 flying Galvo laser system, as the Galvo scan head can seamlessly move across the entire working area without the need for pauses.

Unlimited Graphic Freedom

Experience the freedom to work with any graphic design, as the machine flawlessly executes large patterns cutting and seamless splicing, without limitations by the complexity of graphics.

Versatile Processing Options

Enjoy the flexibility to switch between Galvo scannner and gantry laser cutting head (X-Y laser plotter) effortlessly, enabling diverse processing modes to suit various application needs.

All-in-One Functionality

From cutting through to kiss cutting, perforation, and intricate engraving, accomplish all processing tasks on a single machine, streamlining workflow and enhancing productivity.

Vision Camera System

Benefit from the vision system, which automatically ensures precise alignment for accuracy and repeatability in the processing, and enhancing overall efficiency.

Automatic Calibration

With automatic calibration of the Galvo system, the machine delivers exceptional accuracy, ensuring that every cut and engrave is executed with utmost precision.

Machine Working Video

Technical Specifications

Laser type CO2 glass laser tube
Laser power 80W, 100W, 130W, 150W
Working area 1600mm×600mm, 1600mm×800mm, 1600mm×1000mm, 1600mm×2000mm
(63”×23.6”, 63”×31.5”, 63”×39.3”, 63"×78.7")
Working table Conveyor table or honeycomb table
Cutting speed 0-800mm/s
Repeat positioning accuracy ±0.01mm
Motor Servo motor
Cooling system Constant temperature water chiller
Power supply AC220V±5% 50Hz/60Hz
Graphic format supported PLT, DXF, AI, DST, BMP

"Smart Vision"
Upgrade Version

This machine can be configured as a “Smart Vision” upgrade version, with a top camera and a CCD camera, specially for cutting of dye sublimated sportswear, fabrics, tackle twill letters, numbers, logos.

It provides accurate positioning for laser perforation and cutting through real-time scanning and calculation by software and automatic recognition and calibration by intelligent system.

This is a highly efficient and versatile laser machine that integrates high-definition camera precise positioning and high-speed flying laser perforation and cutting.


The laser cutting machine offer a versatile and efficient solution for multiple industries.

From fashion and textiles to manufacturing and customization. it provides manufacturers with the ability to achieve intricate designs, precise cuts, and high-quality results in various materials, contributing to innovation and efficiency in product development and production processes.

Some common applications include:

Applicable Materials

Textiles (natural and technical fabrics), denim, leather, PU, wood, acrylic, PMMA, paper, cardboard, vinyl, EVA, rubber, plastic and other non-metal materials, etc.

Laser Cutting, Engraving & Perforating Samples

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