MEGA Series

Four-chuck Laser Tube Cutting Machine

Mega4 / Mega4-3D
4 chucks heavy-load laser tube cutting machine, suits for 12 meters long tube loading and unloading automatically, 350mm diameter large tube and profile cutting. It is widely used in heavy industry, building structural steel, oil pipelines, engineering machinery, steel buildings, street lights, etc.

Heavy-duty Fiber Laser Pipe Cutting Machine

Automated 2D / 3D laser cutting solution specifically designed for ultra-long, ultra-heavy tube, and profile metalworking.

Experience the unlimited possibilities of laser tube cutting

Machine Features

bevel laser cutting

3D swivel laser cutting head (optional)

Reduces mechanically moving components and thus guarantees consistently high machining accuracy and best machining results over a long service life, against mechanical damage.
4 heavy-duty high-capacity pneumatic chucks

4 Heavy-duty, high-capacity pneumatic chucks

Change side laser cutting to achieve zero tailing and adapt to different cutting needs through different combination cutting forms.

With strong clamping force and convenient operation, you can adjust the clamping force of the chuck according to different pipe materials.

Chain loader and unloader

Ultra-long and powerful capability

Support the whole pipe 12 meters loading and the longest 12 meters unloading.
tube laser cutting machine with auto feeding and unloading system

Auto feeding and unloading system

Achieve continuous production and improve efficiency, especially suitable for laser cutting of structural material.

tube laser cutting machine modular disassembly and installation

Modular disassembly and installation

segmented bed of laser tube cutter

Segmented bed design

The three-section bed design and unique processing technology ensure stable operation.

Increase your productivity with our "MEGA" Series Laser Tube Cutter.

Technical Specifications

Model No.: Mega4 Mega4-3D
Tube diameter range Round tube: Ø50-350mm / Ø50-450mm
Square tube: 50 x 50 - 240 x 240mm / 50 x 50 - 310 x 310mm
Length of feeding 12000mm/9000mm
Cutting length 12000mm/9000mm
Maximum weight per single tube 1200kg (Ø350mm x 10mm x 12000mm)
Laser power 3000W - 12000W
Tail length 0
Maximum load weight 4.5T
Maximum rotational speed 75r/min
Maximum positioning speed 60m/min
Positioning accuracy 0.1mm/10m
Maximum acceleration 0.8g

Applicable Tube Types

Applicable Materials

Stainless steel, carbon steel, aluminum, brass, copper, alloy steel and galvanized steel etc.

Applicable Industry

Metal furniture, medical device, fitness equipment, sports equipment, oil exploration, display shelf, agriculture machinery, bridge supporting, steel rail rack, steel structure, fire control, metal racks, agriculture machinery, automotive, motorcycles, pipes processing etc.

Finished Products of Metal Tube Laser Cutting Machine

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