Huge“H” Series

Ground Rail Ultra-Large Format Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

H16 / H24

Fiber laser cutting machine H16 H24 supports customize workbench size, up to 40 meters in length, with laser power from 3000W to 30kW. It can achieve long-term batch stable cutting of medium-thick sheet metal of more than 20mm, and the maximum laser cutting ability is 70mm.


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Machine Features

large format multi-section workbench

Large format multi-section workbench

Fiber laser sheet cutting machine H16 H24 can customize the length and width to suit the processing of oversized and ultra-thick plates. Thanks to the separate design of the workbench and the machine bed, the heat during production does not affect the machine bed, achieving high speed and high precision.
high security protection

High Security Protection

The laser processing area adopts a closed structure to avoid direct contact with the laser. Safety light curtains are installed before and after the beam. When a signal is triggered, the fiber laser cutting machine stops immediately to protect the safety of the operator.

automatic partition dust removal

Automatic Partition Dust Removal

The automatic exhaust device blows and suctions to effectively remove dust in different zones and create a clean working environment.

lightweight aluminum beam

Lightweight Aluminum Beam

Good dynamic performance, compression resistant design, not easy to deform after long-term use, dedicated mold aluminum alloy material molding process, structural integration, high strength, and more durable.

segmented modular workbench

Segmented Modular Workbench

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Technical Specifications

Model No.: H16 H24
Working area 2500mm×16000mm 3500mm×24000mm
Laser power 6000W - 30000W
X Y axis max idle speed 80m/min
X Y axis max acceleration speed 0.8G
Positioning accuracy 0.1mm/10m
Repeatability accuracy 0.05mm/10m
Fiber laser source IPG / MAX / Raycus
Laser head Boci / Precitec / Raytools
Processing platform Ultra-large format
Power supply AC380V 50/60Hz

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Applicable Materials

Stainless steel, carbon steel, aluminum, brass, copper, alloy steel and galvanized steel etc.

Applicable Industry

Suitable for large and heavy duty industry such as: automobile industry, machinery fabrication industry, engineering vehicles, vessels, outside processing, and agricultural machinery industry.

fiber laser cutting different thickness metal

Finished Products of Thick Metal Laser Cutting

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