Independent Dual Heads Laser Cutting Machine


This laser cutting machine is equipped with two independent laser cutting heads on two tracks that can operate independently at the same time, supporting simultaneous cutting of different shapes. This setup allows for increased efficiency and productivity in laser cutting operations.

Independent Dual Heads Laser Cutting Machine XBJGHY160100LDII

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Efficient Laser Cutting Solution

- Offering unparalleled efficiency by simultaneously dual heads laser cutting with pinpoint accuracy

Dual-head Asynchronous Laser Cutting Machine is a high-efficiency industrial laser cutting machine, which utilizes two independently controlled laser heads to cut different shapes at the same time, thus significantly improving production speed and processing quality.

The machine can be equipped with automatic feeding systems to automate the production of rolled materials. Self-developed software supports the cutting and nesting of complex graphics of different sizes in the most material-efficient way.

In addition, it can be docked with the factory’s MES system to achieve intelligent production.

Additional devices such as vision systems and inkjet marking modules are available as options for specific processing requirements.

The machine is widely used in fields such as apparel, shoes and textile, and has become an indispensable tool in the modern manufacturing industry with its excellent performance and flexibility.

Various laser wattage configurations are available: 80, 110, 130 or 150 watts.

Available in a range of widths and lengths, the laser cutting table can be built to match your application needs.

Working Area: 1600mmx1000mm (63”x39.4”) (Customizable)
X Axis (Width): 1600mm / 1800mm (63” / 71”)
Y Axis (Length): 1000mm / 1200mm / 1300mm / 1500mm (39.4” / 47” / 51” / 59”)

With two separate laser cutting heads, this machine enables simultaneous and independent operation, significantly enhancing your workflow. Experience the freedom to tackle multiple tasks concurrently, without compromising on quality or speed.

Elevating Efficiency and Precision Through the Integration of Advanced Features and Cutting-Edge Technology

Machine Features

Dual-Head Asynchronous Cutting

Independent dual heads laser cutting, ensuring intelligent and efficient cutting operations, optimizing productivity and resource utilization.

Mixed Nesting & Cutting

Implements mixed nesting and cutting techniques, maximizing material utilization and minimizing waste, resulting in cost-effective production processes.

Modular Design: Expandability

Features a modular structure, offering robust scalability and flexibility, allowing for easy integration of additional components and customization according to specific needs.

Advanced Mechanical Design

Incorporates a high-speed, high-precision mechanical structure, enabling swift and accurate cutting processes, ensuring consistent quality and performance.

Automated Feeding

Integrates an automated feeding system, facilitating seamless material handling and enhancing operational efficiency, reducing manual intervention and streamlining production workflows.

Servo Motor Motion System

Utilizes servo motion modules for high-speed, high-precision, and low-fault operation, ensuring reliable and precise motion control, enhancing overall machine performance and longevity.

Watch Independent Dual Head Laser Cutting Machine for Leather in Action

Machine Working Video

Technical Specifications

Model No. XBJGHY-160100LDII
Laser Type CO2 DC Glass Laser
Laser Power 150W x 2
Working Table Vacuum Conveyor Working Table
Working Area 1600mm x 1000mm (63" x 39.4")
Motors Servo Motors
Power supply AC220V±5% 50/60Hz
Graphic Format Supported PLT, DXF, AI, DST, BMP
Standard Collocation Constant Temperature Water Chiller, Exhaust Fan, Air Compressor
Options Filtration Device, Inkjet Marking Module, Vision Camera System, Auto Feeder, CO2 RF Laser Tube


The dual-head asynchronous laser cutting machine is a highly efficient industrial equipment used across a broad spectrum of industries, including but not limited to the following sectors:



Cutting and perforating shoe uppers to create personalized designs



Ideal for cutting a wide range of textiles and fabrics with high precision and speed



Precise cutting and pattern design in the production of clothing, garments and accessories.



Utilized for cutting gloves, especially those that require intricate patterns and high-quality edge finishing.



Efficiently cut a variety of luggage and bags materials to create durable and stylish products.



Suitable for cutting complex shapes and patterns in hats to meet diverse design requirements.



Specifically used in the production of military and police uniforms, as well as bulletproof vests.



Involved in the cutting process of upholstery and soft packaging materials in furniture.

Automotive Interior

Automotive Interior

Applied for cutting automotive interior materials like car seats and trim panels.

Applicable Materials

Here are some common materials that can be cut by the laser cutting machine:

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