Large Format Multi-Head CO2 Laser Cutting Machine


This machine is equipped with multiple laser heads, allowing it to handle multiple cutting tasks at the same time, greatly improving production efficiency. It is an efficient and precise processing machine designed to meet the speed and quality requirements in textile fabrication. 

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Configuration to meet the demands of modern textile cutting production

Textile Laser Cutting Solution

- Efficient and Presice Multi-Head Laser Cutting

Featuring multiple laser heads operating simultaneously, this flatbed CO2 laser cutting machine ensures unparalleled efficiency and productivity. The high-speed, high-precision gear and rack transmission system guarantee seamless operation and precise cutting, even at high speeds.

In addition, this laser cutting machine offers a range of options to meet diversified needs. The automatic feeder enables the continuous handling of fabric rolls, reducing manual operations and further increasing productivity. The inkjet marking module marks the cut pieces, which is vital for subsequent sewing processes. The vision camera system automatically recognizes the printed material for accurate positioning and cutting.

Various laser wattage configurations are available: 150, 200, 300, or 600 watts.

Available in a range of widths and lengths, the laser cutting table can be built to match your application needs.

Working Area (Customizable)
X-axis Width (mm): 1600 / 1800 / 2100 / 2300 / 2500 / 3000 / 3200 / 3500
Y axis Length (mm): 2000 / 2500 / 3000 / 4000 / 5000 / 8000 / 10000
flatbed co2 laser cutting machine hotspot
High precision grade
rack and pinion drive
with long lasting stability
Superior optical system for stable laser
output power and high-quality laser spot
Vacuum conveyor working table,
flat, fully automatic conveying,
low laser reflectivity
Self-developed control system
with independent intellectual property rights
High precision, stable speed,
strong overload capacity
Automatic feeding,
tension correction

Multiple Laser Heads

The multi-laser head configuration of laser cutting machines is usually used to improve production efficiency and processing capabilities. In this configuration, a machine can use multiple laser heads for cutting operations at the same time, thereby processing more material in the same time.

Here are some typical multi-laser head configuration features:

Independent Dual Head Configuration

The two laser heads, located on two separate gantries, can operate independently, allowing for simultaneous cutting of two different patterns or doubling the production speed on a single part.

Dual Head Configuration

This setup involves two laser heads mounted on a single gantry of the laser cutting machine, usually operating in tandem to increase productivity by cutting two identical patterns simultaneously.

Four-Head Configuration

Utilizing four laser heads, this configuration significantly enhances cutting efficiency by distributing the workload among the four heads. It's suitable for high-volume production environments where maximizing throughput is essential.

Multi-Head Array Configuration

Multiple laser heads (usually more than four) are arranged in an array, allowing for simultaneous cutting of multiple parts or maximizing throughput on a single part. This setup is commonly used in industrial settings where high-speed and high-volume production are required.


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Elevate your textile cutting process with our laser system

Technical Specifications

Enhance Efficiency, Precision and Safety with Advanced Functional Options

Optional Extras

CO2 flatbed laser cutter with fully enclosed safety cover
Fully Enclosed Safety Cover
A protective enclosure surrounding the laser cutting area, designed to contain laser radiation and shield operators from exposure to the laser beam during operation, ensuring safety.
pressure bar on flated CO2 laser cutter
Pressure Bar
An auxiliary device designed to help maintain the fabric flat and ensure smooth conveyance during the laser cutting process. It applies gentle pressure to the material, aiding in its stability and preventing wrinkles or distortions during cutting or engraving.
wireless remote control handle on flated CO2 laser cutter
Wireless Remote Control Handle
A handheld device that enables the operator to control the laser cutting machine from a distance, providing convenience and flexibility during operation. Particularly suitable for using on large-format and extra-long, extra-wide laser cutting machines.
safety light curtain on flated CO2 laser cutter
Safety Light Curtain
A safety light curtain is a multi-axis photoelectric sensor that creates an infrared beam barrier around the laser cutting area. It is designed to avoid accidents or injuries such as contact between people and machines. It can be triggered to stop the machine immediately, thus ensuring the safety of the operator.
integrated computer screen on flated CO2 laser cutter
Integrated Computer Display and Control Panel

This feature encompasses a built-in computer display and control panel within the laser cutting machine. It provides operators with a user-friendly interface for adjusting cutting parameters, managing design files, and overseeing the cutting process directly from the machine itself.

vacuum conveyor on flated CO2 laser cutter
Vacuum Conveyor System
This system comprises a conveyor belt equipped with a negative pressure suction mechanism that securely holds flat materials in place during laser cutting or engraving processes. The vacuum conveyor ensures stable material positioning and movement throughout the cutting or engraving operation, contributing to precision and accuracy in the final product.
Automatic Feeding System
A mechanism that automatically feeds materials into the laser cutting machine, enabling continuous operation and reducing the need for manual intervention in loading and unloading materials.
vision system on flated CO2 laser cutter
Vision System
An optical system equipped with cameras and software that enables the laser cutting machine to recognize registration marks or patterns on the material, facilitating precise alignment and cutting of pre-printed or pre-cut materials.
marking module on flatbed co2 laser
Marking Module

This module allows the laser cutting machine to apply markings onto the material surface. It offers the flexibility of using either a mark pen or an inkjet for marking purposes, providing additional customization options for product identification or labeling.

Galvo & gantry on flated CO2 laser cutter
Galvanometer Scanning Head

A high-speed laser scanning system that employs galvanometer mirrors to swiftly move the laser beam across the material surface, enabling rapid and precise cutting or engraving of intricate designs.

Red Light Positioning
A laser beam that emits a visible red light onto the material surface, aiding in visual alignment and positioning before laser cutting or engraving, ensuring accurate placement of design elements.
Automatic Sorting System

A system integrated into the laser cutting machine that automatically sorts cut or engraved pieces based on predefined criteria, streamlining production and facilitating post-processing tasks.

Powerful customization capabilities

The laser cutting machine we produce is specially configured to fulfill your requirements thanks to the modular design. We can customize the system exactly to the needs of your application.

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Applicable Materials

Polyester, nylon, cotton, nonwoven and woven fabrics, synthetic fibers, PES, polypropylene (PP), polyamide (PA), glass fiber (or glass fibre, fiberglass, fibreglass), Kevlar, aramid, Lycra, polyester PET, PTFE, paper, foam, plastic, viscose, felts, knitted fabrics, 3D spacer fabrics, mesh fabric, carbon fibers, cordura fabrics, UHMWPE, sail cloth, microfiber, spandex fabric, etc.
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