Smart“S” Series

Round Tube Laser Cutting Machine


Automatic round tube laser cutting machine S12R replaces the sawing machine to cut off the material, specialized in round tube truncation. High efficiency, high degree of automation, and cost-effective.

Fiber Laser Round Tube Cutting Machine S12R

Dedicated for round tubes and fully automatic in bundle loading, feeding and cutting.

Experience the unlimited possibilities of laser tube cutting

Machine Features

round tube automatic bundle loader

Automatic Bundle Loader

When a cutting plan is set, tubes are automatically and continuously fed accordingly, regardless of whether two or more round tubes are required for that cutting plan.

Save labor and improve process efficiency.

slag removal of round tube laser cutter

Ultra High Speed Round Tube Truncate

Ultra High Speed Round Tube Truncate

multiple functions of round tube laser cutting machine

Multiple Functions

With multiple functions such as punching, truncation, bevel cutting, it meets the needs of various industries for round tube processing.
crawler collection

Crawler Collection

The finished workpieces can be automatically collected and stored in an orderly manner through the crawler collection mechanism, which protects the surface quality of the workpieces.

Crawler collection saves time and labor and improves efficiency.

automatic slag removal

Automatic Slag Removal

Designed for the pipe fitting industry, saving post-processing procedures.

The tube laser cutting machine uses a high-energy laser beam to irradiate the workpiece to be processed so that the temperature of the irradiated surface of the workpiece rises rapidly and is in a molten state, and then the auxiliary gas is used to blow off the molten slag.

Increase your productivity with our Intelligent “S” Series Laser Tube Cutter.

Technical Specifications

Model No.: S12R
Processing pipe size range Round tube ∅ 20 - 120mm
Laser source Fiber laser
Laser power 1000W - 3000W
Max acceleration 0.8g
Repeat positioning accuracy 0.03mm
Positioning accuracy 0.05mm
Max rotate speed 80r/min
Max weight for single tube 25kg
Waste length 80mm

Finished Products of Round Tube Laser Cutting

Laser Cutting Sample

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