Smart“S” Series

Tiny Tube Laser Cutting Machine

S09 / S12 / S16
Cost-effective tiny tube laser cutting machine adopts a new machine tool structure design and a high-speed clamping chuck, achieving maximum efficiency. The standard auto feeder realizes fully automatic feeding and automatic cutting, improving the applicability and practicality of the laser cutting machine.


Specially Designed for Small and Middle Diameter Metal Tube and Light Pipes Laser Cutting

Experience the unlimited possibilities of laser tube cutting

Machine Features

high-efficiency tiny tube laser cutting

High-efficiency laser cutting

With a maximum acceleration of 1.5G and a chuck rotation speed of 150r/min, it can efficiently cut small-diameter tubes, doubling production efficiency.

full-stroke clamping chuck

Full-stroke clamping chuck

Adapt to one-button quick alignment and clamping cutting of various tube types such as round, square, rectangular, elliptical, and special-shaped tubes.

rich functional applications

Rich functional applications

One-button laser cutting, automatic centering, pipe alignment, automatic end-face alignment, process library, etc. The application features are rich, versatile, and easy to use.

intelligent and convenient operating system

Intelligent and convenient operating system

A versatile operating system with deep optimization, fast response, and a simple and intuitive human-machine interface that is easy to learn. It combines speed, functionality, and stability perfectly.

auto feeder for tiny tube laser cutter

Auto feeder

Improve the efficiency of batch pipe processing, automatic loading, and laser cutting, save manpower, and reduce costs.

extend cutting ability

Extend cutting ability

It adopts square hole full-stroke pneumatic chuck, which has a wider clamping range than conventional chucks.

Increase your productivity with our Intelligent “S” Series Laser Tube Cutter.

Technical Specifications

Model No.: S09 S12 S16
Processing pipe size range ∅ 10 - 90mm
□ 10x10mm - 90x90mm
∅ 10 - 120mm
□ 10x10mm - 120x120mm
∅ 10 - 160mm
□ 10x10mm - 160x160mm
Laser source Raycus fiber laser
Laser power 1500W - 3000W
Max acceleration 1.5g
Repeat positioning accuracy 0.03mm
Max rotate speed 150r/min
X-axis travel 6300mm
Bundle size 800mm x 800mm x 6300mm; Max 1.7T
Equipment footprint (L)9633mm x (W)2993 mm x (H)2100mm

Tube Laser Cutting Application

standard and closed tubes

Tube Laser Cutting Samples for Stainless Steel Metal Tubes

Laser Cutting Sample

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