Vision Scanning Laser Cutting Machine for Sublimation Fabric

CJGV-160130LD / 190130LD
Golden Laser’s Vision Laser Cutting Machine is ideal for cutting sublimation textile fabrics of all shapes and sizes. Cameras scan the fabric, detect and recognize printed contour, or read the registration marks and cut the chosen designs with speed and accuracy. A conveyor and auto-feeder is used to keep cutting continuous, saving time and increasing production speed.

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Configuration to meet the demands of modern textile cutting production

Sublimation Laser Cutting Solution

- The innovation for laser cutting of dye-sublimation fabrics and textiles from a roll of nested printed shapes

• While the roll of sublimated fabric is being fed onto the conveyor table, the vision system performs a fast scan on the fly of the printed contour and automatically creates a vector file. It optimizes the use of printed fabrics as the vision scanning technology scans the entire bed within 5 seconds before starting the cutting process.

• Alternatively, the registration marks can be accurately read by the camera, allowing intelligent algorithm to compensate for any distortions or stretches that may occur in unstable rolls of textile.

• In addition to the 2 overhead industrial cameras, a CCD camera can be mounted next to a laser head for the precise recognizing and cutting of small dye sublimated graphics such as twill letters, numbers and logos.

• Independent dual laser heads cut their respective allocated areas simultaneously, high processing efficiency.

• A conveyor bed and auto-feeder are used to keep cutting continuous, saving time and increasing production speed.

• Extension table is conducive to pick up the cut pieces.

Various laser wattage configurations are available: 150, 200, or 300 watts.

Available in a range of widths and lengths, the laser cutting table can be built to match your application needs.

goldenlaser vision laser cutter for sublimation sportswear

A Closer Look on Vision Laser Cutter

Machine Detail Showcase

Maximizing Efficiency and Quality with Single and Dual Head Options

Laser Head Configurations

Choose the configuration that aligns best with your production requirements, whether prioritizing precision or productivity.

Independent Dual Laser Heads
Single Laser Head
Reliable performance and tailored solutions to elevate your textile cutting capabilities.


Our cutting-edge technology streamlines the workflow, ensuring a seamless operation from start to finish. Here’s how it works:

WORK MODE 1: Scan On The Fly

Send the fabric to the cutter
Loading the dye-sublimated roll fabrics to the conveyor working table with an auto-feeder.
Step 1
Vision scan on-the-fly
Vision system scan the fabrics, detect and recognize the printed contour and create vector cut file.
Step 2
Automatic laser cutting
Laser cutting automatically along with the printed outline in speedy and precise manner.
Step 3
Collect the cutting pieces
Cutting pieces collection. Laser cutting continuously and repeat the entire process.
Step 4

Printing requirement

The printed outline and materials background have big color difference, distance not less than 5mm between the contours. Only the outer contour can be cut, the inside nested graphics cannot be cut.

How to Work?

Watch Dual Head Vision Laser Cutter for Sublimation Hockey Jerseys In Action

Before Cutting
After Cutting

WORK MODE 2: Scan Registration Marks

registration marks


For soft materials easy to distort, curl, extended.

For complicated pattern, nesting pattern inside the outline and high precision cutting requirement.


Need 1:1 original printed graphics file. Graphics format: *.jpg, *.bmp, or *.png

Technical Specifications

Model No. CJGV-160130LD CJGV-190130LD
Working area 1600mm×1200mm (63”×47.2”) 1900mm×1300mm (74.8″×51″)
Camera scanning area 1600mm×800mm (63”×31.4”) 1880mm×800mm (74″×31.4″)
Collection area 1600mm×500mm (63"×19.6”) 1900mm×500mm (74.8”×19.6”)
Working area Conveyor working table
Laser type CO2 DC glass laser / CO2 RF metal laser
Laser power 150W, 200W, 300W
Motors Servo motors
Cutting speed 0-800 mm/s
Software Golden Laser Vision Scan Software Package
Cooling system Constant temperature water chiller
Exhaust system 1.1KW Exhaust fan × 2, 550W Exhaust fan × 1
Power supply 220V / 50Hz or 60Hz / Single phase
Options Auto feeder, Red dot, CCD camera for registration


Sportswear, Cycling Apparel, Team Uniforms (Basketball Jerseys, Football Jerseys, Soccer Jerseys, Baseball Jerseys, Hockey Jerseys), T-Shirts, Polo Shirts, Activewear (Yoga Wear, Fitness Wear, Leggings), Swimwear, Gymnastics Leotard, Dance Costume, Patches, Twills (Letters, Numbers…), Flags, Headbands, Fashion and Accessories, Pillow Cases, Soft Toys, Shoes, Bags, etc.

Dye-Sublimation Laser Cutting Samples

Suitable for cutting all types of sublimation printed fabrics, polyester, cotton, nylon, canvas, Lycra, spandex, etc., including elastic and stretch fabrics.
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